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Bob Skarda webmaster

Friends of Scull Shoals member for over 20 years, past FOSS president & tour guide.

My passion for Georgia history & archeology has given birth to 6 books of regional interest about Native American and White settler culture. Currently working with James Madison Univ. charting De Soto 1540 A.D. march thru GA and  Indian villages with  excavations and Lidar mapping. Newest Publication  released in Fall 2020: Rebel Treasure: Lost And Found in Georgia.


FOSS bd pic.jpg
Dr. Jack Wynn 

As Forest Service Archaeologist, I led archaeological investigations around Scull Shoals ,1979-2000. We conducted  summer "passport in Time" volunteer excavations at the old mill town 1997-2000, plus occasional weekend projects. We located foundations for the first mills, blacksmith shop,power plant, worker houses, manager's house, boarding house, second warehouse, and possibly a corner of old Fort Clarke.

Marc Galvin

FOSS Board Member ,

UGA educator

David Titshaw   

2021 FOSS president

Peggy Sommer 

 FOSS treasurer/Secretary


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