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                SCULL SHOALS

                Extinct 19 th. C. Mill Village....... Lost in Old Georgia



                                     First Georgia Water Power Paper Mill

                                     Cotton Textile Mill--Warehouse--Housing Ruins 


                                  Home of Many Fascinating Folks


Prehistoric & Historic Native Americans, Rugged Scots-Irish  Settlers, Common Laborers & Slaves, Frontier Indian Fighters, Wealthy Entrepreneurs, A Congressman, Judge, Governor,Powerful Baptist Evangelist, Self taught Female Doctor, Widely Renowned Herb Doctor 


  • Here's your Hwy. 15 sign 13 miles N of Greensboro  

  • Turn rt. on Macedonia rd. for 2.1 miles

  • Left at Scull Shoals sign onto FS road 1234



  • Keep left for 3.1 miles follow last historic SS sign to village.


GA Hwy. 15 north

IMG-0829 shoals best.jpg

  Ancient shoals with covered bridge                         column ruins

   Quiet  Historic Oconee River -       Oconee National Forest Park


News 1

 Oct. 2020: FOSS teamed up with Georgia State University Anthropology Dept. & sponsored  Graduate Research Assistant, Joy Przybyla to use geophysics to search for the old Ft. Clarke.  Some likely underground targets appeared in data analysis , but after digging with Forest Service Archaeologists: Andrew Wells and James Wedtstadt and GSU Jeff Glover.  No fort  structural remains were found.

News 2
New Scull Shoals Mapping Project Planned
Robert Skarda is co-ordinating   LIDAR mapping of the historic Mill village site in the first quarter of 2023. A drone will fly over a grid of 400 acres and create a highly detailed  elevation map without the trees. We are partnering with the Oconee National Forest archaeologists to further understand the layout of the community and how to better protect it while further educating the public about its rich history.     
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